Maxi Nutrition Protein Bar Chocolate Caramel

Kcal 159 Fat 3.9 Fat(sats) 2.2g Carbs 23.0g Protein 10.0g 

If you've been reading the site this year you will be aware that at the start of 2015 we set ourselves the challenge of finding the best chocolate flavoured protein bar. Today we continued our quest to find the best chocolate flavoured protein bar by trying this Maxi Nutrition Protein Bar Chocolate Caramel. Maxi Nutrition here in the UK is one of the better human optimisation brands, thus we had big hopes that this particular bar turn out to be a winner. 

We found this on sale in one of our local health and fitness stores where it was being sold for just £1.00. The wrapper was instantly recognisable as Maxi Nutrition, a brand that has received some TV advertising here in the UK. In addition to the recognisable branding the other features of he wrapper also looked good with a foil material utilised to give a shiny and fresh looking feel.

Unwrapping the bar the first thing we noticed was the sticky residue seeping out of the milk chocolate coating. We expected it was the caramel but regardless it made the bar very awkward to handle which meant it wasn't the best for eating outside of the home. Taste wise he bar held up pretty ok. The layering you can see in the picture meant the bar went through stages of different flavours, the chocolate hitting first, then a sweet syrup caramel and then lastly a malty nougat like centre. The latter very much dominated the taste, it could have done with it being a little more chocolate intensive but it was nice enough and certainly fulfilling.

Overall we were relatively happy With this Maxi Nutrition Protein Bar Chocolate Caramel bar. Looking at he nutritional breakdown which is impressive, and factoring in the satisfaction it gave us, then we can only come to the conclusion that it deserves a good score. We've come to learn that protein bars are never going to taste as good as a normal chocolate bar but if you want a protein snack with a chocolate twist these bars are definitely with a look at.

8.2 out of 10