Nestle Caramac Giant Buttons Sharing Bag

Kcal 109 Fat 6.1g 3.6g Fat(sats) Carbs 12.9g (per 10 buttons)

To our great delight we last we heard about the launch of these all new Nestle Caramac Buttons sharing bags. The Nestle Caramac is one of the last few remaining classic chocolate bars on the UK market that hasn't gone under multiple recipe and fascia changes. Whether it can be classified as an actual chocolate bar or not given its lack of cocoa is a different argument for a different day - we just wanted to celebrate the fact it had lasted so long and no had an all new lease of life.

You should be able to find these new Caramac Buttons shadings bags in any good UK retailer. The RRP on the press release we saw said £1.18 - to be honest if you pay anything more than £1.00 you will have been unlucky (or shopping in the wrong place 😁)

Looks wise the sharing bags look fantastic with the vey colourful and classical red and yellow branding having nice stand out on the shelves. Opening the bad you immediately get a waft of sweet and sugar butterscotch - try not digging in and grabbing a handful. 

The reason not to grab a big handful is because they are super super sugary. Don't get us wrong the caramel flavoured confectionary is nice but only when eaten a few at a time. Too many and its sugar overload. Our top tip is take your time enjoying these, a few at a time is plenty and just a few curb any sugar pang.

Overall we really enjoyed the new Caramac Buttons Sharing Bag. If you are heading around a friends or to the movies where sharing is very much the game these are a nice solution for two or more sugar craving white chocolate and caramel lovers. If you are just a single person looking for a quick sugar fix you might be better off just buying one of the bar still - anyway nothing is quite like the good old classic Nestle Caramac bar.

8.4 out of 10