Snickers Intense Choc

Kcal 244 Fat 12.1g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 28.8g

Who doesn't get excited about a good'ol limited edition huh!? Well here @ChocMission we certainly do! Especially when the limited edition chocolate happens to come from a country we don't normally live in. Today we got the chance to try out this new Snicker Intense Choc bar which is currently a limited edition offering out in Germany - check it out!

He bar weighs in at 50.0g which is the standard weight for any Snickers bar you will find out there. The wrapper looked kinda familiar but after a quick dig back through the archives we couldn't find an exact match with a previous Snickers. Whatever the case it looked very cool and grabbed the attention of our writer on the shelf surrounded by hundreds of other bars.

Us being us we were little pessimistic and thought this might be the UK's Snickers Triple Chocolate in a new wrapper though we were pleasantly surprised when we opened it up. Inside the outer chocolate was noticeably darker than average and it smelt much stronger than normal. Slicing the bar in half the nougat and caramel stood out more than normal - it looked great! Taste wise the chocolate surprised us with how strongly it tasted. As the aromas suggested and name suggested it was relatively intense for a mass consumer bar, it was a refreshing change from the bland dark chocolate you normally get from the likes of Mars. As the chocolate was stronger the nougat caramel and peanuts weren't quite as dominant in the taste as normal though because they didn't melt as quickly they still left notes of salt, butterscotch and hazelnut nougat in the mouth - an amazing chocolate bar!

Overall everyone single one of us in the team loved this chocolate bar and we've already encouraged our German based writer to send us some more as soon as they can. The chocolate is terrific, in terms of taste it's miles better than the average quality of dark chocolate you get from other mass produced bars. Despite the chocolate being stronger it still allows all the other elements of what makes a Snickers bar to shine through, it's one you have to try if you are a dark chocolate and snickers bar fan.

8.9 out of 10