Kcal 229 Fat 11.1g Fat (sats) 3.7g Carbs 29g (per bar)

I can’t help feel that Topic is the forgotten brother of the Mars family. While his cooler siblings get all the attention, Topic is ignored and pushed to one side. To prove a point, answer this: you’re in the supermarket and you have enough money to buy five different chocolate bars. The choices are Mars, Snickers, Twix, Bounty, Milky Way, and Topic. Which one gets left behind? Jim saw a distinct lack of love when he reviewed it back in 2008 as well.

Although the packaging is bold and quite attractive, I somehow don’t ever seem to notice it when next to all its better known companions. The only thing that drew my attention on this occasion was a multipack offer of £1 for four 47g bars.

Topic was first introduced in 1962 and comes described as ‘Milk chocolate with hazelnuts, soft nougat and smooth caramel’. Its outward appearance is no different from a Mars Bar, which is not ideal in making it stand out as something original. The sweet malty scents are pleasing, but by no means unique, while the filling is again clearly an imitation of a much more popular relative.

What is not the same, however, is the taste and texture, which is underwhelming to say the least. The caramel is too sweet, the nougat too soft, and the hazelnuts are too bitty. Topic’s slogan used to be ‘a hazelnut in every bite’, but with the size the hazelnuts have been chopped down to, I hardly think that is the case.

In all, it is not much surprise that Topic get left on the shelf or that no one asks him to come out and play. When he is invited, all he tries to do is copy everything Mars does. And not very well.

Presentation: 7
Aroma: 7
Taste: 6.5
Sustenance: 6
Texture: 5
Overall: 6.3