Divine 70% Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Orange

Kcal 553 Fat 41.8g Fat(sats) 26.3g Carbs 32.8g (per 100.0g)

For reasons best left well to one side, Divine haven't always been a company I have seen eye-to-eye with, which would explain their long term absence since their last exposure on ChocolateMission. In an effort to let by-gones, be by-gones I today thought I would give the latest addition to their range a try after seeing it announced on TalkingRetail a few months back. In that press release a Divine spokesperson states ... "We've been listening to our customers who have been asking for dark chocolate with orange and dark chocolate with ginger – so we have combined the two!". I'm not too sure about consumers demanding more chocolate orange combinations, however I could see the target consumer of Divine (which I would envisage as being older, more affluent people), being pretty receptive of the ginger content.

On the wrapper this bar came described as 'dark chocolate with orange granules and ginger flavour' and came in a 100.0g size that I shared amongst some work colleagues. In regards to the wrapper it was nice to see the consistency with the rest of the Divine range. Additionally I thought the use of the orange secondary colour was a suitable way to bring to life the added ginger and orange flavours. Something that I wasn't quite so happy about with the presentation however, were the aromas that were offered once I had broken the golden foil seal. Given past experiences with orange and ginger flavoured chocolates I was expecting the bar to be far more fragrant, but reality was that it almost scentless until really searched for.

A few years I reviewed Divine 70% dark chocolate at which point I rated it a pretty stellar 7.7 out of 10 (See HERE). Despite that being almost two years ago now, I still feel confident in my description of it having 'more of an unsweetened milk chocolate sense about it rather than an cocoa intensified focus'. This again proved to be exactly the experience offered by the 70% recipe this time, with the taste not being particularly strong in terms of it's cocoa flavours, but still relatively decent at providing a smooth flavoured unsweetened chocolatey taste. Unfortunately despite the chocolate being of a fair quality, the orange and ginger elements were very poorly implemented, and this was a common thread of thought amongst all of the fellow taste testers I tried this chocolate with. Out of the two, the orange influence was probably the least culpable as it did manage to attempt to come through in the taste during the latter stages, but it was still very mild and very hard to pull out from the chocolate which as I have alluded to wasn't exactly the strongest tasting itself. What myself and my colleagues did find inexcusable however, was the way in which the ginger was totally MIA. When you are promised an added flavour to a chocolate the worst thing I think a manufacture can do is it not deliver it - we just couldn't detect any ginger in taste whatsoever.

Overall this Divine 70% with ginger & orange left me feeling very disappointed despite it showing relative promise with the quality of it's chocolate. As I have referred to above, the 70% dark chocolate was relatively decent - it wasn't the most chocolate I have ever tried, but it provided a sound base off which the ginger and orange elements should have just further built upon. Unfortunately neither the orange or the ginger managed to create any sort of longing impact on the overall taste, which left all that tried this chocolate almost feeling cheated by their prior expectations. I always think that it is best to fall on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to adding flavours to chocolate (i.e. being too strong rather than too weak) as then at least it is more down to the taste of the consumer rather than the manufacture failing to create the experience they promised. Comparing this Divine bar to the comparator Lindt Excellence bars (See HERE) there is only one winner so I would suggest you try them before getting to excited about this new Divine offering.

6.1 out of 10