Kit Kat Chunky Vanilla Choc

Kcal 217 Fat 12.3g Fat(sats) 7.3g Carbs 23.7g

One of the advantages we have with one of our team now working outside of the UK in Germany is that they now get to bring us back a whole new load of limited edition chocolates every time we see them. With it being a crazy quiet period on the chocolate market here in the UK it was with great delight we today got to try out this limited edition Vanilla Choc Kit Kat Chunky.

Our writer found this on sale in one of their supermarkets in Germany where it was being sold for €0.58. It was surprising to see that the packaging was all in English, the bright yellow colouring however would have made it none to hard for your average Kit Kat lover to pick it out of the shelf as something new.

As most standard Kit Kat Chunky are the bar was split into 3 blocks and smelt gloriously vanillary when broken apart. In the wrapper the bar was described as 'chocolate wafer biscuit coated with vanilla flavoured white chocolate' - just like the wrapper the bar was noticeably more yellow than your standard white chocolate kit Kat. Taste wise it delicious. It wasnt as different from your normal white chocolate version as the smell led us to suggest, but it did seem to have a touch less sugar emphasis and a dialled up note of vanilla. Most of us in the team found it a lot easier to consume in its entirety because of that.

Overall it is with a touch of shame that we have to tell you that this Kit Kat Chunky Vanilla Choc was very very good. Why a shame!? Well it's looking at our site stats the language barrier kinda means most of you are from the UK or US, thus your opportunity to try one of these is going to be limited. Disregarding that side note the bar itself is very good. It's sweet as far as chocolate goes but the touch of savoury and salt from the wafer partially make up for it and the added vanilla is an extra flavour dimension we found pleasurable. If you can get hold of one we strongly suggest you do.

8.7 out of 10