Lindt Excellence Lime Intense

Kcal 519 Fat 31g Fat (sats) 18g Carbs 50g (per 100g)

I have always considered Lindt the middle ground between quality and affordability. It is not as up there as Hotel Chocolat, but much better than other branded bars at the supermarket, which share a similar price tag. Lindt are always innovating as well, especially with their Excellence range, which frequently features new products, such as this week’s Lime Intense.

Bought for £2 at Sainsbury’s, Lindt’s Lime Intense is packaged with usual elegance; the outward design suggests that of sophistication, while the foil wrapping keeps the chocolate fresh. Lindt Excellence bars are assembled into 2 x 5 squares at just the right thickness for a perfect melt. They are easy to break into individual squares, so avoids crumbs and wastage of precious chocolate.

The aroma is one of a strong lime zest, which is reflected in the taste. The freeze dried zest pieces add a refreshing sharpness, and the dark chocolate, although only 47% cocoa, has a slight bitterness. Aside from the lime, there are a multitude of other subtle flavours present, such as notes of lemon and vanilla to give a more rounded experience. The texture of the chocolate is smooth, but the lime itself is very crunchy – so much so that I first thought chopped nuts were in there as well. I am undecided if I am keen on this texture or not, but it is definitely a change from the chewy zest often found in chocolate bars.

Lindt Excellence continues to live up to its name and has created another excellent chocolate bar well worth giving a go.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 8
Taste: 9
Sustenance: 8
Texture: 7.5
Overall: 8.5