Minion Chocolate Biscuit Bars

Kcal 103 Fat 5.2g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 12.1g

Minions ... Minions minions minions .... Everywhere you turn these days it seems you can't escape them. The yellow animated characters from the Despicable Me film have all but taken over the world. You would have to have a very off day without coming across them in some shape or form, they've become hat universally popular. Well folks even when tucking into your favourite snack now you  won't be able to escape them, we today had some of these Minion Chocolate Biscuit Bars sent to us for a review.

These are probably one of the only Minion products we haven't actually come across before so before you start emailing us where to buy them hold fire on that. They come in individually wrapped white Wrappers with the Minion displayed on the front about ten times larger than the actual bar - that's never a good sign folks.

Unwrapping them from their cheap plastic wrappers we were met with a bar that didn't look all that different from a original Rocky Bar. The chocolate coating was very very thin which is probably somewhat explanatory of why they didn't taste all that chocolatey. Inside he biscuit was a nice enough butter biscuit with a dash of oaty honeycomb providing a little flavour to an altogether dull taste. Each bar was small but didn't have enough flavour to make you want another - sigh.

Overall surprise surprise we have ourselves a cheap, generic chocolate biscuit bar cash-in. The only merit we could probably give these is the fact kids will probably love the Minion wrappers. Apart from that the experience is totally underwhelming. Should you buy these Minion Chocolate Biscuit Bars? Only if you want to give them to small kids - we doubt they will even ask you buy them again.

2.4 out of 10