ProteinActive Choco Blast

Kcal 224 Fat 4.0g Fat(sats) 1.8g Carbs 12.0g (per 50.0g bar)

Another day and another chocolate protein bar for our team here @ChocMission to get stuck into. The team have already found a few gym favourites though every week we are challenging them to try a new protein bar that they haven't tried yet. The bar this week was the ProteinActive Choco Blast. This bar contained a very impressive sounding 34.0g of protein which was rather remarkable given it's 50.0g weight - did it come at detriment to taste!?

As stated above the bar weighed in at 50.0g which was a rather sizeable snacking option and very substantial breakfast option. The packaging would never have passed through any marketing department half worth their salt :) There were more words on it than the first Lord of The Rings book however it's '34.0g of protein' in big letters managed to convince us it was worth a try - especially given it was only £1.00 a bar.

We tested this protein bar across two major occasions - the first being in the morning as a breakfast replacement bar and then as a post workout bar. To be fair the packaging may not have sold us too well on it but the team only had nice things to say. As you can see from the pic it was constructed of 2 layers. The outer portion of chocolate and them a crumbly chocolate innards packing all the protein. Combined they actually made for a pleasant enough chocolate bar. Think of it as a slightly drier textured Musketeers bar and you really aren't too far off.

Overall the team have been trying out many, many protein chocolate bars recently and this ProteinActive Choco Blast has received some of the warmest feedback thus far. To say it's as fulfilling as a normal chocolate bar would be a down right lie. It doesn't contain any of the sugary goodness of it's counterparts, though that said a normal chocolate bar certainly doesn't contain 34.0g of protein. If you are a gym goer this is certainly a tasty protein laden bar to watch out for!

7.8 out of 10