Belfine Xmas Pops

While we explore the Belfine’s Christmas range over the next month, you are going to get to know the Belgian chocolatier’s very well. From bars to hollow figures, there is a lot to choose from. Today entails discovering the many names of Father Christmas, and strangely enough Nick doesn’t even make an appearance.

Santa Claus Bob

Santa Claus Bob looks bright and cheery in his customary red hat, which has been made using natural colourings. The 35g lollypop is made of thick solid milk chocolate and as an extra creamy smooth texture. The prominent vanilla notes develop more strongly the further through the pop you get, which is surprising as there is a disappointing lack of sweet smells emanating from the chocolate.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 4
Taste: 9
Sustenance: 8.5
Texture: 10
Overall: 8.3

Santa Claus Scott & Sky

The scent only comes through marginally more with Santa Claus Scott & Sky, who can be seen either climbing a Christmas tree or carrying presents. These 25g long pops look impressive but, as with the Halloween long pops, are structurally fragile. The chocolate is thinner, and the lollypop stick doe not go all the way through the centre, meaning it snaps off a third of the way up. I also felt that a bit more colour could have been added to the Christmas tree – maybe a streak of green tinsel.

The thinner chocolate also affects its texture; you don’t get the same creamy satisfaction as with Santa Claus Bob. If you are considering a treat for Christmas the long pops have the fun factor, but the ordinary lollies are more substantial. So far I have not found a stockist retailing the long pops but Santa Claus Bob can be found in John Lewis and Elys for £1.80.

Presentation: 9
Aroma: 5
Taste: 7.5
Sustenance: 7
Texture: 8
Overall: 7.3