Hotel Chocolat Gin Puddles

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ???

Every season  we get a big bag of goodies from Hotel Chocolat's latest seasonal collection and usually divide it amongst the team to write the reviews for you guys. As you can imagine there are often a lot of arguments about who get's to review what. Surprise, surprise the alcohol fuelled chocolates are usually one of the first to get snatched up. It was no different with the product we are reviewing for you today, the Hotel Chocolat Gin Puddles.

Thankfully we did get sent two bags of these 110.0g Puddles and they were shared among us all during a tasting evening (yes we have them now!). The Hotel Chocolat Puddles range has long been no frills on the presentation side of things. In recent years they have moved to a slicker looking frosted-look plastic packet, though the Puddles themselves have long remained relatively plain. The aromas on offer having opened the pack is where business really starts picking up. As you would expect with Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate the smells emanating from the packet are gorgeous - dark, roasted cocoa - hold us back.

Amazingly these Hotel Chocolat Gin Puddles are actually alcohol free. This was a detail we failed mentioned to the tasting team - all of whom didn't fail to describe the Gin as 'intense' and 'really powerful'. It was possibly a little unfair of us to do that but to be fair to them the Gin flavours do come through strongly. All the notes of traditional British Gin are created by surges of fresh juniper oil that pulse on your tongue as the beautifully intense 70% dark chocolate cocoa notes develop. Together they combine to make a rich tasting dark chocolate, unique in both it's delivery and taste. A packet - easily shared amongst many in a single sitting but also nicely suited for one requiring a little dark chocolate every now and then.

Overall it's another Hotel Chocolat success story with them combining their beautiful dark chocolate with yet another unique flavouring. The combination of chocolate and gin is not commonly found so to see them do it so well yet again is a real sign of quality on their part. We don't think the whole alcohol free thing is really going to be much of a hook for anyone, surely anyone who doesn't drink isn't really going to be interested in a gin flavoured chocolate are they? You might want to tell us something different!? (@ChocMission of course) Suffice to say these Hotel Chocolat Gin Puddles are well worth checking out if you are a Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate lover.

8.6 out of 10