Marks and Spencer Dark Chocolate

Kcal 553 Fat 39.5g Fat(sats) 23.9g Carbs 33.3g (per 100.0g)

After having such a disappointment with our review of the Marks and Spencer White Chocolate we simply couldn't let ourselves remain displeased with Marks and Spencer so we thought we could attempt to right the wrong by trying another one of their chocolates. There were many flavoured bars available to us but we thought it only fair that we stick with the range that got us into this mess in the first place. Given that we usual love dark chocolates we thought we could be better off trying their Marks and Spencer Dark Chocolate ... so we did :)

This also came in a 40.0g bar and on the same 2 for £1 deal that we got the last white chocolate bar on. Our thoughts were a little kinda towards the packaging, presentation and aromas of the chocolate bar this time. The red wrapper certainly had a lot more stand out than the white on did and the dark chocolate blocks also retained the cool looking M&S branding on top of each of them. Scent wise the chocolate stirred a little more excitement than last time out, it didn't raise expectations or hope that much more but it at least smelt of something this time.

As with the white chocolate variant the on-pack description did very little to describe the chocolate bar calling it nothing more than a 'solid dark chocolate'. Upon closer inspection we did identify it was a 70% cocoa solids chocolate though it probably would of been better printing this somewhere larger on the wrapper to convince the chocolate snob purists around. Anyways we of course commenced our tasting test and we frankly came across a solid, but not spectacular dark chocolate. It was shallow in the depth of it's cocoa strength though it's non-bitter taste meant it had a relatively smooth melt transition. It was flavoursome enough with notes of coffee and burnt molasses but they were dying to be a touch stronger to really exert their power. The whole bar was consumable in a sitting but still relatively satisfying.

Overall this was a far more liked chocolate than the previous offering we tried from Marks and Spencer. This wasn't going to be particularly hard, however dark chocolates are just as hard to pull off well as white chocolate so to see this was a better chocolate was of course a welcome thing to see. Despite it's 70% cocoa solids content it could have done with being stronger but to be honest it's likely been made to hit a mass consumer audience so it's not particularly surprising that it's more of a conservative dark chocolate offering than normal. Would we recommend it!? Yeah why not give it a go at that price. Don't expect it to be life changing though.

7.0 out of 10