Belfine's Santa Claus Hollow Figure

Hollow chocolate is always something I associate with Easter, whether it be a traditional egg, or a more commercialised shape. At Belfine, however, you can get your hands on a hollow chocolate figure for Christmas - appropriately themed of course. There are no eggs, chicks, or little bunnies to sink your teeth into. Belfine want you to take a bite out of Santa Claus. 

The level of detail in the design of this figure is excellent, as it immediately sets a scene: two children fulfil their dream of meeting Santa when a man dressed as Father Christmas (the real one would never let himself be seen by kids) rings his bell to spread seasonal cheer.

The figure is predominantly made from milk chocolate, but also uses white and dark to decorate the characters with different colours. It is beautifully presented in a cellophane bag, tied by a red bow.

Upon opening the bag, there is an immediate aroma of sweet milky chocolate, and holding it in your hands, you realise that this 140g figure is hefty treat indeed. The chocolate is so thick that it is quite hard to break into. I couldn’t do it with my bear hands, and needed to smash it against something.

The fact that it breaks apart into shards make it ideal for sharing, and could easily be divided between three – or indulgently kept to one’s self for three sittings. The figure breaks into a variety of interesting shapes, which creates different textures as it fills your mouth. The three different chocolates combine together very well, allowing you to experience creaminess, vanilla, and slightly darker notes to offset the sweetness.

If it is habitual in your household to buy chocolate as a gift, then instead of stick to the regular humdrum on offer, Belfine’s Hollow Santa is a fun and unique alternative that makes it look like you’ve put in a bit of extra thought. It has also made Chocolate Mission History by receiving the highest score to date. But somehow I don’t think Jim will be willing to let his Hotel Chocolate 85% Dark Chocolate be bumped off the podium.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 9.5
Taste: 10
Sustenance: 10
Texture: 10
Overall: 9.9