Guiness Milk Chocolate Caramel Bar

Kcal 492 Fat 26.7g Fat(sats) 16.1g Carbs 55.8g

Every once and a while readers will send us chocolate promising us that the chocolate will do well on our rating system and that we will all 'love it'. Most of the time we believe you guys, after all are you not just chocolate lovers like ourselves? Other times however we  approach the chocolate with an element of caution - especially the one that ChocolateMission reader fan Will sent us this past week. Contained in the package he sent us as this Guiness Milk Chocolate Caramel Bar; Guiness of course being the famous stout beer served by the gallon in it's native homeland Ireland. Boy this was going to be interesting.

The bar will sent us weighed in at 80.0g. He didn't tell us where or how he bought this but on further research it would appear these are available to buy in some airport duty free shops and also the Guiness factory itself in Dublin Ireland. We all thought the wrapper looked very cool, capturing the useful black and white Guiness theme but also incorporating a nice secondary golden caramel font colour to get across the somewhat bizarre new format of Guiness consumption.

On the wrapper the bar promised a 'luxury milk chocolate caramel bar with a caramel and Guiness flavoured centre'. The bar itself looked a little underwhelming with a lack of branding on each of the piece and what looked like only a very small amount caramel inside each of the pieces. Being the brave souls we are tasted it at the same time placing one block on our tongues and letting the flavours develop. At first the milk chocolate created a semi-decent set of creamy cocoa flavours that didn't seem anything out of the ordinary. On further development of the melt and introduction of the caramel the bar flavours really hit home - at first they tasted a little a little out of place, a little bitter and savoury but after a while the sugaryness of the caramel tempered them and made them more of just an odd twist in the development of the chocolate.

Overall this bar probably exceeded our expectations in that in an odd way the flavours worked okay-ish together. The lack of other beer flavoured chocolates in the market kinds suggest it isn't a natural pairing however this Guiness Milk Chocolate Caramel wasn't at all bad in terms of it's overall quality. It was a relatively satisfying chocolate, a few pieces most certainly satisfied a chocolate craving though I'm not too sure it's going to do all that much for a Guiness thirsty customer. It's worth a try if you are intrigued but it's not one for your average chocolate lovers to go mad about trying.

7.2 out of 10