Hotel Chocolat Enrobed Plums in Port

A new member has been welcomed into Hotel Chocolat's enrobed fruit range, and as it is a limited edition during the seasonal period it is something you shouldn’t hang about for. Priced at £8 they are little dear, but given the ingredients it is understandable. If you are looking for a cut price deal, you could always make use of their 3 for £7 offer. You could also wait until after Christmas in the hopes that they are still in stock and get them at a reduced price.

Hotel Chocolat’s Enrobed Plums in Port come in an aesthetically pleasing festive tub. The tub helps he product stand out from the traditional shaped boxes and plastic film packaging of other items, is more environmentally friendly, looks elegant, and has a lid with foil seal so that the enrobed fruit can be sealed closed again and saved for later.

You shouldn’t leave them standing around for too long though, as you’ll discover upon opening. The chocolate coating is very moist and contains beads of liquid on the surface. This makes it look very tempting but also probably reduces the shelf life.

Weighing in at a customary 150g, these portly plums have an unexpected aroma reminiscent of lebkuchen. Although the only spice included is cinnamon, it smells like a whole multitude of different spices merging together.

The plums are enrobed in two layers of chocolate starting with an inner milk layer, and then followed by an outer dark coating. The milk chocolate does not add anything as the taste is all but absent, but the dark chocolate works exceptionally well with the ruby port, which has a gentle warming flavour.

On the label of ingredients, the plums are described as ‘dried’, which essentially means prunes. Initially I wondered why they were not just called prunes, but upon eating, I think plums are a more accurate description. They have the mellower flavour of plums, and unlike prunes, which can be quite dense and chewy, these plums were light, soft, moist, juicy, and fell apart in the mouth as if they had been stewed.  

I’m sad to say that Hotel Chocolat’s Enrobed Plums in Port are going to disappear off the shelves far too soon for my liking, so it is best to buy while you can, and hope they make a return appearance next year.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 9
Taste: 9
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 9
Overall: 9.2