Belfine Lollipop Love Heart

I must let it be known that Valentine’s Day is my least favourite ‘holiday’. The day is meant to be in honour of a Roman priest called Valentinius, who became a martyr after aiding persecuted Christians. Valentine’s Day ought to be celebrating love of fellow man, but came to be associated with courtly love as early as the High Middle Ages. The eighteenth century brought about the beginning of its commercialisation, as lovers would gift each other with flowers, cards, and confectionary. Aside from being far too gushy for my liking, it is also an incredibly cruel day to all the lonely singletons out there.

Valentine’s Day does have one redeeming factor, however, and that is of course chocolate. Flowers and chocolate are the most common gifts to give to your one and only one Valentine’s – and lets face it, the latter is by far the more appealing.

If you feel like releasing some gush, take a look at Belfine’s Lollipop Love Heart. It may not be the kind of gift for serious sophisticated types, but for anyone who still feels the flutter of a high school crush, what could be sweeter than a cute little heart on a stick. It is an easy way to say ‘I love you’ and ‘I remembered, but didn’t want to go overboard (or over budget)’.

 If you think back to Belfine’s Christmas range a couple of months ago, their adorable lollipop characters were fun and original. The Lollipop Love Heart is not as visually exciting and the design is much more generic. It does lack an alluring chocolatey scent, but the flavour is still there: milky sweet with notes of vanilla.

By now you will be aware that Belfine use their same signature milk chocolate for everything they make. As delicious as it is, it does start to become a bit repetitive after a while. It might be nice if they experimented with a few different flavours for different seasons. Valentine’s, for example, is the chance to add some red fruity flavours such as strawberries, cherries, etc.

The best thing about this 35g lollipop is just how thick it is. You will be left lingering over it for a long time, while savouring a very satisfying creamy melt. The Lollipop Love Heart may not be Belfine’s most innovative design, but would none the less be highly welcomed by its receiver.

Presentation: 7.5
Aroma: 6
Taste: 8
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 10
Overall: 8.1