Demarquette’s African Queen

Today I thought it would be introduce you to a bit of luxury like never seen
here @ChocolateMission before. Demarquette is an artisan company started up by Marc Demarquette. Although born in England, his father is French and mother Chinese, which means his chocolates are inspired by a wide range of cultures. Marc trained as a chocolatier in Paris, before founding his own company in London in 2006.

At the heart of Demarquette is a passion for quality, freshness, sustainability, and Britishness. All the chocolate is handmade at their North Kensington base, while all the ingredients are sourced from farmers working to the most environmentally friendly standards.

A prime example is their African Queen Truffle Collection, which is made from cacao harvested on the Ivory Coast. It is Marc’s way of supporting the first 20,000 farmers who adopted a new ethical way of production.

Demarquette’s African Queen Truffles were awarded a triple gold star in the 2014 Great Taste Award, and came in the Top 50 Foods in Britain. What apparently makes them so special is the initial fermentation process, which is meant to dramatically reduce the bitterness of the 68% dark chocolate.

A stylish black box with gold lettering and red ribbon makes them look like the perfect gift, but it all depends on how far in advance you like to do your present shopping. As African Queen contains fresh cream, the truffles only have a short shelf life, so are not ideal if you want to get something ahead of time. They would however, make a great ‘of the moment’ gift. For once the last minute buyers have an advantage.

So now we have all been lured in by the glorious description, how do the truffles hold up? Well the chocolate’s freshness was evident from the moment I opened the box. The aromas weren’t strong, but they were vibrant, and I could pick out the scents of individual ingredients, from the chocolaty dark cream to a hint of Tanzanian honey (okay, I couldn’t tell it was Tanzanian, I’m taking their word for that).

The chocolate’s dark outer shell was soft and had earthy tones, while the ganache was smooth, mousse-like in texture, and very fruity. While the chocolate was in no way bitter, neither was it sweet; rather its acidity created a rather puckering sour sensation at the back of the throat. Underneath the ganache I discovered crispy wafer pieces that brought an interesting contrast.

Demarquette’s African Queen truffles are without a doubt royalty, but mingling with a monarch does not come cheap. A box of six truffles comes with a £17.50 price tag, which equates to just short of £3 each. If you do want to try these for yourself, I recommend joining Demarquette’s mailing list as several times throughout the year, you will get emailed discount offers that can range anywhere between 10% - 75% off.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 10
Taste: 9.5
Sustenance: 9.5
Texture: 10
Overall: 9.8