DeMet’s Turtles

Kcal 170 Fat 10g Fat (sats) 4g Carbs 20g (per two pieces)

So many chocolate bars feature nuts, but it is quite surprising that pecans seem to be forgotten about in the selection process. That’s what drew me to Turtles, as it is the only one I have seen with a pecan filling.

Created by DeMet’s, Turtles has a charming gold wrapper with a humorous picture of a turtle wearing a top hat and monocle. Despite being an American brand, I can’t help feel this image is very English, and a bit mocking of 19th century high society. While the packaging gets a thumbs up, the presentation of the chocolate itself is disappointing. Divided into two portions, I am unable to decide if they are very poor attempts at turtle figures or just domes with chocolate stubs sticking out the side. Either way, they look messy and need a more refined finish.

The chocolate ‘turtles’ have a scent of marshmallow, which is most peculiar given that none is present. What is present, however, is a gorgeous chewy texture as sticky caramel and chopped pecans combine to create superb flavours. The filling is the crowing glory, but the chocolate coating feels like an afterthought, as if they just needed something to wrap it in. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with the milk chocolate, but it does get overshadowed.

Weighing in at only 33g, Turtles barely touches the sides of any hunger pangs. It is finished before you even realise you’ve started. I think it would work better if it were in a more traditional shape, taking the format of a Bounty (or the American equivalent, Mounds), which would lend itself to something more substantial. Still, having to eat more to get filled up is hardly a burden, and definitely puts Turtles on the ‘get again’ list. 

Presentation: 7
Aroma: 7
Taste: 7.5
Sustenance: 5
Texture: 10
Overall: 7.3