Lindt Milk Lindor Truffles

Kcal 623 Fat 47g Fat (Sats) 35g Carbs 44g (per 100g)

One thing most of us can guarantee at Christmas is that there will be at least one box of chocolates under the tree. In my case there are always several, and I know I can guarantee one of them will be a box of Lindt’s magical milk Lindor. The much anticipated gift that my dad never fails to deliver puts a smile on my face every year.

Despite being a long time fan, I can’t say I have ever given much in-depth analysis to its taste and aesthetics. I liked them, and that was enough. Now I am part of the Chocolate Mission Team, however, it is finally time to put my beloved Lindor under closer scrutiny.

After reading all the miniscule details on the box, I found to my surprise that these Swiss chocolate truffles are actually made in Italy. This prompted me to do a little research. Lindt & Sprüngli began life in 1845 as a small confectionary shop, owned by David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his daughter, Anna Burleson, in Switzerland. When Anna died, she divided the business between her two children. While her son inherited the confectionary shops, her daughter, RoAnna got the chocolate factory. In 1899, RoAnna turned the factory into a private company called Lindt & Sprüngli. Almost a century later, Lindt went on to buy an Austrian, American, and Italian chocolatiers, and so factories are in all four countries. Lindt create many different ranges of chocolates, but their Lindor range is produced in the Italian factory.

Lindor’s deep red box gives connotations of opulence and its the textured pattern below the image of the truffle looks like a swirling pool of velvety melted chocolate. Each truffle is individually wrapped in shiny red foil, not only making it look more attractive, but also keeps them fresh and prevents the chocolates ‘scuff’ one another by touching.

They have a mild and milky cocoa aroma, but nothing that is especially alluring. Their texture is what makes Lindor stand out. First you get a satisfying crack as you break into its outer shell, and then you fall into a pool of extremely soft smooth ganache that melts the moment it hits your tongue. It creates a gorgeous contrast of temperatures – initially the coolness of the creamy chocolate, followed by the warmth as it melts. Lindor is a chocolate that awakens the senses and then sends you into a soporific stupor. The tagline is ‘Do you dream in chocolate?’ You most certainly do when Lindor is about.

Presentation: 9
Aroma: 7
Taste: 10
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 10
Overall: 9