Dairy Milk Medley

Kcal 103 Fat 6.4g Fat (Sat) 3.6g Carbs 10g (per 2 pieces) – Biscuit & Fudge

Kcal 105 Fat 6.7g Fat (Sat) 3.6g Carbs 9.7g (per 2 pieces) – Raspberries & Hazelnut

While scanning Sainsbury’s confectionary isle the other day, what should jumped out in front of me, but a new Cadbury’s Dairy Milk range. Titled Medley, there are currently two varieties, although I am sure this will expand further down the line.

The informative wrapping presents a tempting image of chocolate square cups being sprinkled with an assortment of different ingredients. In the first, dark chocolate chips, biscuit, and fudge pieces, while in the second we are treated to dark chocolate chips, caramelised hazelnuts, and raspberry pieces.

 Ripples decorate the surface a bit like water or zebra print, and each cup connects together in a rather unusual pattern; the bars’ smooth backs are scattered with their designated toppings. While the Raspberries & Hazelnuts has that familiar Dairy Milk aroma, the Biscuit & Fudge bar had a fainter smell that was not as fresh. The former’s smooth creamy filling is complimented by its crunchy topping, but the latter’s chewy pieces are more densely packed together, meaning the smoothness of the chocolate is lost slightly.

The Biscuit & Fudge Medley contains vanilla notes from the fudge and its dark chocolate chips add a slightly earthy contrast, which I was pleasantly surprised about. Meanwhile, the hazelnuts in the Raspberries & Hazelnut Medley did not really taste of anything, but the raspberries brought a delightful zing. Both bars also created a lovely cooling sensation in the mouth because of the chocolate crème filling.

Cadbury’s new Dairy Milk innovation proudly passes muster and I can definitely see these Medley bars becoming a permanent fixture on the supermarket shelves.

Presentation: 8
Aroma: 7.5
Taste: 8.5
Sustenance: 6.5
Texture: 8
Overall: 7.7