Madecasse Toasted Coconut

Kcal 598 Fat 43.9g Fat (Sat) 29.3g Carbs 42.6g (per 100g)

Sainsbury’s has recently expanded its chocolate offering with a new brand on the market. Madecasse started when a group of Peace Corps volunteers travelled to Madagascar. Deciding that they wanted to do more to help the people living and working there; they looked into why a country with such a rich source of raw materials was so poor and realised that the main reason was because most of Madagascar’s resources are exported and adds zero local value.

This inspired Madecasse to start producing chocolate in Africa, which provides the cocoa farmers with skills, training, and higher wages. Through Madecasse, the farmers earn 25% more than through any international Fair Trade arrangements. The ethics behind the bar gets top marks, as do the results, but what about the chocolate itself? How does Madecasse compare to all the other products on the shelf?

Well, it definitely stands out, that’s for sure. It is now the first thing I see when walking down Sainsbury’s confectionary isle. As a new product, it was something I felt needed my due attention, so from the ample selection of flavours, I chose Toasted Coconut. The 75g 44% milk bar costs £3 and is wrapped in what looks papyrus (or something similar), which suggests it is biodegradable. The light blue and attractive artwork makes it very appealing to the eye.

While the outer wrapper looks native and emphasises its bean-to-bar origins, the gold foil wrapper underneath creates an air of opulence. It serves the added purpose of sealing in all those lovely fresh coconut aromas.

Madecasse bars are segmented into four thick rectangular portions, but has rather rough appearance on the back. I had expected the coconut to be inside the bar, but it was just dumped on the surface. This meant that the taste of coconut was inconsistent; it did not travel through the whole bar, and you just got little hints every now and then.

This is a double shame because the chocolate really needed some help. It had a very sour and piquant taste; its slightly waxy texture and lack of a melt made it all a bit bland. For a chocolate bar that was sending out all the right signals, I was left disappointed. As much as I applaud the mission behind Madecasse, some work needs to be done on the final product.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 9.5
Taste: 6.5
Sustenance: 7.5
Texture: 6
Overall: 7.9