Lindor Orange

Kcal 626 Fat 48g Fat (Sat) 36g Carbs 43g (Per 100g)

Just before Easter I spotted a Limited Edition Lindor Orange Easter Egg that came with a large egg and handful of truffles. At the time I had promised myself to be good and not buy any Easter eggs this year, but I was somewhat in mourning, thinking I’d missed out on the opportunity to try a Lindor flavour I’d yet to taste.

What luck that ‘limited edition’ is a very loose term, because the truffles are now available sans egg. This 200g box is one of the most beautifully presented in the range. The glowing orange is very attractive, and the picture of an orange segment in the corner makes the truffles look all the more tempting.

I’ve said it before, but the filling of a Lindor truffle is like drinking sweetened milk; it is so incredibly soft and silky smooth that it becomes like a liquid on the tongue. The additional orange oil made it all the successful at making my eyes roll to the back of my head.

The only downside to Lindt’s Lindor Orange is that they are so incredibly moreish. I could eat the entire box in one sitting and still want more.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 9
Taste: 10
Sustenance: 7
Texture: 10
Overall: 9.2