Chocolate and Love Dark Coffee

Kcal 560 Fat 38g Fat (Sat) 23g Carbs 44g

Chocolate and Love is a family business founded by eclectic entrepreneurs, Richard O’Connor and Birgitte Hovmand. After the birth of their daughter, the couple decided that they would only eat organic, but could not find the quality chocolate they were looking for. So adding to an already extensive repertoire, they started Chocolate and Love.

 The name is appropriate in so many ways; for starters, most people might consider the words chocolate and love more or less synonymous. The business was founded on the love of starting a family and the love of fellow man. Richard and Birgitte are dedicated to making sure their cocoa beans only come from FairTrade farmers, their packaging is from sustainable resources, and they try to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible.

To date, Richard and Birgitte have created seven different varieties, all of which have won several awards; the Dark Coffee, which I am looking at today, has a one star Great Taste Award and Academy of Chocolate Silver Award. I would give it an award just for its exotic design alone. The elaborate print has an Aztec feel and evokes images of the cacao’s origin. When you unwrap the bar, the inside packaging reveals the hidden story about where the beans come from and how everything is biodegradable. There is also a ‘Guide to Tasting’, which says you should let the chocolate melt because if you chew, less flavour will be released.

On these instructions I took my first bite and let the chocolate melt in my mouth. Smooth, thick and, despite the lack of milk, creamy, there was no bitterness in the 55% dark bar. Instead there were some slightly sour notes that grew more intense as time went on. The coffee was mellow and tasted of freshly roasted beans; a combination that produced a rich flavour and satisfied any cravings with just a few squares. Aptly named, Chocolate and Love delivers what it promises.

 Presentation: 10
Aroma: 7
Taste: 8
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 9
Overall: 8.6