Lenny & Larry's Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie

Kcal 170 Fat 6 Fat (Sat) 2g Carbs 19g (per half brownie)

Brothers, Lenny and Larry are gym enthusiasts who founded a bakery business in 1993. Tired of eating chicken breast and protein shakes, they aimed to make eating protein enjoyable by pumping it into delicious baked treats. Lenny and Larry started with cookies, but they soon expanded into the realm of muffins and brownies too. It is the latter that American Soda sent to me to sample today.

Lenny & Larry’s Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie comes in a bright blue wrapper and a fun muscly-looking font. It is made all the more personable as it includes a logo featuring caricatures of Lenny and Larry themselves. While the packaging looks great, its labelling is very misleading. The thing that it most clearly wants to get across to you is that this brownie contains a whopping 20g protein. True enough, but read the nutritional information on the back and you’ll find that it is cut in half to 10g. This is because one brownie is considered two portions. Seriously, who would only eat half a brownie? If it were divided into two segments, then perhaps you could understand, but the brownie is presented as on whole piece. In reality, they are trying to make the calories and carbohydrates look low and the protein look high by using different parameters for each. As a consumer, tricks like this really get on my nerves.

You’ll also notice ‘All Natural’ written in bold orange above the title. With ingredients such a ‘caparve’, and ‘Sorbitan Tristearate’, I think this term has to be applied as loosely as possible.

Once I opened the wrapper I saw a lovely homemade-looking brownie that gave off a tempting waft of freshly baked goods. Its texture, however, was very dense; it was hard to bite into and tasted stale. The chocolate had a peculiar medicinal flavour; it was a bit salty and had a waxy tang to it. After eating half, I felt like I had enough – not because I was full, but because my jaw ached from so much chewing. The whole brownie was filling, but it definitely not satisfying. 

Lenny and Larry promote the Triple Choc Muscle Brownie as a healthy snack to give you muscles, but what you need to remember is that protein is not all its cracked up to be unless you use it correctly. A protein snack like this needs to be eaten before an intensive workout in order to be effective; if you eat it without doing exercise, you won’t get muscles, you’ll just get fat, and it becomes as indulgent (but nowhere near as tasty) as other brownies on the market.

Presentation: 7
Aroma: 8
Taste: 3
Sustenance: 7
Texture: 2
Overall: 5.4