Madecasse Espresso Bean

Kcal 507 Fat 40g Fat (Sat) 24g Carbs 45.3g (per 100g)

The second milk chocolate bar for review in Madecasse’s collection is their Espresso Bean. Due to the bitterness of coffee, they probably decided that a touch of milk was needed to mellow out this 44% bar. Warm purple tones nicely feature on the customary papyrus-like wrapping, which hides an inner gold foil wrapping to keep the chocolate fresh.

On my first review of Madecasse, you might recall that I was not fond of ingredients being sprinkled on the back of the bar, rather than inside it because I thought it looked messy. I must admit that this style is growing on me, and maybe it depends on the colour of the ingredient (dark looks better than light) as to how well it suits. Here, the combination of cocoa nibs and coffee bean shards create two distinct crunchy textures.

The Espresso Bean bar gives off a dark aroma of roasted coffee, but more similar to the harsher scents from a jar of instant than the revitalising scent from fresh beans. This, however, is not reflected in the taste as the decision to use milk softens the flavour, leaving it with rich creamy notes of Arabica coffee, red fruit, and a slight saltiness.

Presentation: 9
Aroma: 7
Taste: 8.5
Sustenance: 8
Texture: 8

Overall: 8.5