Madecasse Salted Almond

Kcal 588 Fat 42g Fat (Sat) 20.6g Carbs 45.3g (per 100g)

Most of us are aware of the organisations that most chocolates associate themselves with, such as Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance, but Madecasse has also joined the Save the Lemur Campaign, in which 5p from every sale goes to the Lemur Conservation Foundation. Not only is this great for protecting Lemurs, but it also means that we, the consumers, are treated to an adorable picture on Madecasse’s packaging.

Once you open up the cute lemur wrapping, you’ll see the signature Madecasse style, with rectangular segments and a smattering of nibbles on the back. On this occasion the nibbles are salted almonds, which provide a mild, but pleasing scent.
 Last time when we looked at the Sea Salt & Nibs bar, I thought that the saltiness did not really reveal itself satisfactorily, but here, it combines with the 59% dark chocolate perfectly. Citrus notes enhance the flavour so that you get a salty sour mix. The taste of the almonds is very mild, but you would definitely notice if they were missing, and they help round off the bar very nicely indeed, especially with the crunchy topping that compliments the thick smooth chocolate. It is a filling bar, but at the same time very moreish, so even if you know you’ve had enough, there is a strong temptation to go back for more.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 7
Taste: 10
Sustenance: 8
Texture: 10
Overall: 9