Chocolate and Love Creamy Dark 55%

Kcal 594 Fat 44g Fat (Sat) 27g) Carbs 41g (per 100g)

So far we have had a mixed bag with Chocolate and Love. The first experience was excellent, but then things became it bit more mediocre and disappointing. Will the Creamy Dark 55% bar turn things around?

As always, the wrapping cannot be faulted: cocoa beans hanging from branches and a warming red are a welcoming invitation. And the welcomes keep on coming with a rich and fruity aroma.

The chocolate has bittersweet tones with notes of fruity red wine, which contrast slightly sour cocoa nibs. The nibs also provide a bit of crunchiness to what is otherwise a very smooth and – as the name suggests – creamy bar. But why is it so creamy? The answer lies in the ingredients, which includes milk fat. This confused me because it is advertised as dark chocolate; the whole point of dark chocolate is that it does not contain any milk. If there is milk involved, then it is milk chocolate. I would say it was more along the lines of a Hotel Chocolat Supermilk. This is by no means a bad thing - the milk fat creates a fabulous slow melt and a uniquely flavoured bar that I can highly recommend – but the false advertising. Could be potentially problematic because someone who has a dairy intolerance might buy this thinking it is safe, when that is far from the case.

Chocolate and Love should consider a name change for the Creamy Dark 55%, but on all other accounts it is a winner.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 9.5
Taste: 10
Sustenance: 8
Texture: 10
Overall: 9.5