Gnaw Fudge Crunch

Kcal 526 Fat 30.1g Fat (Sat) 18.8g Carbs 56.6g (per 100g)

Founded in 2011, Gnaw is a company that want to bring the fun back into good quality chocolate. Based in ‘Gnawfolk’, they make a wide range of flavours in the form of bars, buttons, hot chocolate, and other nibbles. The only place I have seen them so far is in an Oxfam charity shop for £2.49, but they are also available from their online store.

Out of the flavours in Oxfam, it was the Fudge Crunch that took my fancy. I was attracted to the fun design, which is very creative. Featuring their mascot red squirrel driving a tractor, the packaging has what looks like bite marks, revealing the milk chocolate inside. The squares remind me of children’s building blocks, as they each have a letter, spelling out the name of the company. Gnaw fulfils the fun-factor it sets out to achieve, especially once you break off the first row of squares. Underneath you’ll find a little message encouraging you to eat more and not to feel guilty about it. It worked; I got through the entire bar without the after regret that usually follows.

The chocolate gave off a creamy aroma along with notes of sweet caramel, which is reflected in the taste. Fudge Crunch has the taste of caramelised brown sugar and juicy raisins that are hiding inside. You get the creaminess of double cream used in the fudge, and although mostly smooth, there are added crispy bits. These look like pieces of crystallised brown sugar, but I think it more likely to be biscuit pieces. The bar states that biscuit is present, but I couldn’t actually taste any. It probably all just mingles together into one big flavour in the chocolate.

Given that I ate a whole bar and was still ready for more, Gnaw isn’t the most filling of chocolates. This fact, however, does live up to its name, as you are constantly tempted to gnaw on more. The Fudge Crunch is definitely a chocolate bar I will be returning to purchase, and for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet, I can certainly recommend.