Kit Kat Chunky Nibbler

Kcal 224 Fat 11.4g Fat (Sat) 6.4g Carbs 27.4g (per bar)

Recently I spotted a new style of Kit Kat in Sainsbury’s called the Chunky Nibbler. It comes described as ‘four bars of crispy wafer fingers covered in thicker chocolate’ and ‘made with extra chocolate for those who like to nibble.’ Weighing in a 43g, it is only three grams heavier than a regular Kit Kat Chunky and less than 2g heavier than a four-finger bar. This minute difference suggests that the Nibbler will not provide any extra sustenance for the peckish, but instead it is about the different eating experience.

The bar is divided into two brick-like segments with a hashtag engraving that tries to be trendy while advertising its social media community at the same time. A cross-section of the bar reveals an extra thick layer of chocolate at the top, but this has meant sacrificing a few layers of wafer. If they were going to make a bar for extra nibbling, I think the same proportion of wafer should have remained to make it a bigger bar.

The Nibbler has Kit Kat’s familiar sweetened milk scent, but I it is sweeter and has some added sour notes. I found that it left a residual burning sensation at the back of my throat, but the extra chocolate was satisfying when melting in the mouth. While the top layer of wafer is soft and waffle-like, the bottom layer is crisper like a biscuit.

Overall, I can’t say that the Kit Kat Nibbler filled a gap in the market; there is not a distinct enough difference for it to have been worth the effort of inventing a new kind of bar. It is, however, still satisfying and is worth a try.

Presentation: 9
Aroma: 8
Taste: 6.5
Sustenance: 8.5
Texture: 8
Overall: 8