Madecasse Dark Toasted Coconut

Kcal 578 Fat 46g Fat (Sat) 31.6g Carbs 38g

On our final outing with Madecasse we go all the way back to the beginning; my first review looked at Madecasse’s Milk Toasted Coconut, and now it is time to compare it to the dark variety.

Save for a darker shade of blue, the image on the front wrapper is identical. The same can be said for the bar itself; you can immediately tell that this 70% chocolate is going to offer an more intense helping; even the coconut looks like it has been toasted just that little bit longer.

The smell of fresh coconut is invigorating and actually gives the bar a milky scent. It is very earthy and has a slightly bitter taste to it. Unlike with the milk version, where coconut was most prominent, it is the chocolate that has the dominating flavour here.

For some reason, while all of other Madecasse’s chocolate has a smooth texture, both coconut varieties are a bit disappointing. The milk bar was a waxy, and this dark bar is a bit too chalky and dry due to the low cocoa butter content. While still enjoyable, it does not deliver the satisfaction as others from the range.

Presentation: 9
Aroma: 7.5
Taste: 7
Sustenance: 8.5
Texture: 7
Overall: 7.8