Montezuma's Open Sesame

Hard to believe that almost seven years have gone by since Montezuma last appeared on our radar @ChocMission. I don’t know how it escaped detection for so long, but I thought it was about time to have another look at this British brand of chocolate. Montezuma’s is based in Brighton, but also has five other stores around England. If you don’t happen to live near one of those places, however, you can order from their website.

When Jim last looked at the Montezuma’s brand back in 2010, his main gripe was with the packaging and overall presentation. A lot has changed since then, however. While the snazzy cardboard box remains (the one part Jim praised), the inside wrapping has undergone a makeover. No longer do we have the ‘tacky’ plastic cover, but instead that has been replaced by shiny foil, which helps keep the bar fresh. The bar itself, also looks more attractive; once made of generic squares, Montezuma’s has now branded the bar with a starry ‘M’ in the corner. On the downside, this does make breaking the bar into portions more difficult. The names have also become more playful, as with today’s spotlight bar, ‘Open Sesame’, which is made of milk chocolate and caramelised sesame and sunflower seeds.

The foil has helped retain the subtle, but creamy aroma of the milk chocolate, which has an indulgent buttery taste. The caramelised seeds give the bar a mix of sweet and savoury flavours and add a bit of crispiness to the smooth and creamy chocolate. It is fair to say that since 2010, Montezuma’s has improved in taste, presentation, and innovation; Open Sesame is definitely one to try out.

 Presentation: 8
Aroma: 7
Taste: 8.5
Sustenance: 8.5
Texture: 8.5
Overall: 8.1