Chocolate and Love Panama 80%

Kcal 598 Fat 48g Fat (Sat) 29g Carbs 25g (per 100g)

Made with 80% single origin Trinitario and Criollo cacao beans from Panama, Chocolate and Love’s 100g dark bar really sets the scene for where their ingredients are sourced. A beautifully tropical image of the rain forest makes the packaging colourful and eye catching.  The chocolate provides a gentle roasted aroma, which is reflected in the taste, which has slightly burnt/bitter flavour to it. A very slow melt makes you want to chew the bar, rather than let it linger in the mouth, but if you are patient enough, woody notes begin to emerge. At 80% cacao, a small amount is easily enough to satisfy your palette.

Presentation: 9
Aroma: 7.5
Taste: 7
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 6.5

Overall: 7.8