Thorntons Classic Box

Kcal 505 Fat 27g Fat (Sat) 18g Carbs 60g (per 100g)

Since we had to postpone Christmas at our house due to the whole family being sick, my Grandpa’s Thorntons Classic gift was a much needed solace to drown my disappointment. The 274g box is slightly different to the Thortntons Premium Collection I received last year; while the signature is present, there are also a few different truffles in there too. The cream box looks sophisticated and the shimmering golden bow, which is incorporated into the design helps establish that it is a gift box.

Love Thorntons – The name might be different, but it is the same chocolate as Thorntons Signature. SeePrevious Review.

Honeycomb Baton – A tempting scent of honey-flavoured caramel makes the melt in the soft caramel all the enjoyable. It has the occasional crunchy piece of honeycomb to add a little bit of contrast. It is the best truffle from the selection. 10

Strawberry Dream РAlthough made from real strawberries, this cr̬me chocolate both smells and tastes artificial. The sweetness is too clawing. 6.5

Orange Crisp – Apart from a name and design change, it is the same is the same as the Orange Truffle. See Previous Review. I do prefer the gold wrapping and circular shape here.

Tempting Toffee - It might have a solid ganache filling, but the moment you take a bite, it melts into liquid joy. A few chewy pieces of toffee also add great texture and flavour. 9

Gooey Caramel - The runny caramel feels a bit diluted and watery. It lacks any true flavour other than just sweetness. 6

Nutty Caramel - Apparently this is meant to have a smooth praline filling, but I can’t say I noticed it. It was lost in predominant filling of runny caramel. This caramel was dark and much more substantial that the previous truffle above. 7

Turkish Delight – I am never very keen on Turkish Delight filled chocolate, despite the fact I love Turkish Delight. I find that the Turkish Delight in chocolates is never the proper stuff, and just has a yucky gelatinous texture with overpowering rose notes. Unfortunately, my expectations were met and not exceeded here. 5

Crunchy Praline – Roasted almonds are sprinkled over a shell of white chocolate, which conceals a creamy hazelnut ganache and crispy wafer pieces. The different textures and flavours all work very well together. 8

Creamy Fudge – Although it is very sweet, this creamy fudge filling is delicious and not too saccharine. You could only manage one chocolate, but it is a very satisfying one. 7

Coffee Truffle – A mild coffee flavoured ganache is complimented by coffee granules sprinkled over the milk chocolate shell, which add strength to an otherwise milky latte like truffle. 8.5

Layered Praline – Minus the word ‘Dual’ in the title and it is the same as in the Premium Collection. See Previous Review.

Presentation: 8.5
Aroma: 7.5
Taste: 7
Sustenance: 7.5
Texture: 9
Overall: 7.9