Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Easter Egg

Although I do not celebrate Easter, I always look forward to this springtime holiday for a very simple reason: Hotel Chocolat’s Easter eggs. HC’s eggs surpass any other, and out of their entire annual chocolate range, the extra thick chocolate eggs are my favourite.

So as you can see, I enter this review with a completely unbiased eye, as I take a look at Hotel Chocolat’s You Crack Me Up Extra Thick Egg. Although the contents may appear geared towards children, the outer packaging is very sophisticated, in the style of an elegant hatbox. It is not something children are going to automatically pick off the shelf, and is something that on the surface is going to attract more of the adult market. So while it does look beautiful, in terms of marketing HC might need to rethink who this is exactly aimed at.

Part of the fun I had as a child was breaking the egg open, but here the shell is already segmented in half. This does not take away any of the excitement, however, as the pure sight of such a thick chocolate rim makes any resistance to dive in absolutely futile.

Hotel Chocolat sell a number of various extra thick eggs, all with different flavoured shells, be it dark, purist, white, etc. With You Crack Me Up, you get one shell made from 40% milk and one a mix of caramel and high cocoa white chocolate. The blend of colours in the latter looks stunning and the quality comes through in the taste as well. It is incredibly creamy and rich, and has just the right amount of buttery sweetness without being sickly. HC’s signature 40% milk is as divine as always, the thickness, providing that tad extra amount of satisfaction.

Of course, no Easter egg would be complete without hidden goodies, and here is no exception. Hotel Chocolat has created lots of fun feel good designs that will appeal to everyone’s inner child no matter how many candles you blew out on your last birthday.

Egg on Toast is beautifully speckled with flavoursome vanilla seeds and made from HC’s high cocoa recipes, which uses more cocoa butter than it does sugar. This is partnered by a praline soldier, which has a white shell, but a wonderfully nutty milk chocolate praline filling.

The smiley faces on the Sunny Side Up pralines just lifts your spirits up. Made with a hazelnut praline filling, they also include tiny crunchy pieces of biscuit for that added texture, and come wrapped in either a milk or mocha shell. We then get two City Bunnies, one with praline and the other with a soft caramel centre.

With two of everything, Hotel Chocolat’s You Crack Me Up is perfect for sharing between siblings…or equally for hoarding all to yourself.

Presentation: 9
Aroma: 8
Taste: 9
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 10
Overall: 9