Lindt Swiss Premium Chocolate

Kcal 537 Fat 31g Fat (Sat) 20g Carbs 57g (per 100g)

A new arrival has made its way to chocolate factory. Usually costing £5 for 300g, the Lindt Swiss Premium Chocolate is currently available at Sainsbury’s for £4. The bar definitely has a premium look about it, with its gold wrapping, and the blue ribbon in the corner suggests that it is award worthy. I must admit, when it caught my eye on the shelf, I though it was white chocolate because of the big white image covering one side of the label. It was only after looking more closely that I realised that this was a milk jug and represents the milkiness of the milk chocolate. The chocolate inside doesn’t look as glorious, but just like your average bar. Then again, unless you add extra ingredients to sprinkle over the top how exciting can you make something look that is inherently brown in nature?

The aroma emanating from the bar is very creamy and reminds me of Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy Milk. A glance at the ingredients only shows very minute difference between the two, so this is little surprise. Is in fact The same bar in disguise, just presented in a different way?

The milk chocolate has an incredibly smooth and creamy texture due to the larger cocoa butter ratio to cocoa mass. The thickness of each piece enhances this experience, providing a fulfilling mouthful.

Taste-wise, it is something of a cross between Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy Milk and a Dairy Milk bar (which also boasts a high milk content). It is slightly less sweet than Dairy Milk, indicating a higher quality.

It would be nice if this bar kept the same format in terms of thickness and shape, but were available in 100g or 200g bars, simply because the more there is, the greater the chance of over indulging. At the same time, the premium appearance and 300g weight, does make it a good option as a small gift. It is definitely something I would recommend trying.

Presentation: 8
Aroma: 10
Taste: 9.5
Sustenance: 8
Texture: 10
Overall: 9.1