Hotel Chocolat Brownie Hard Boiled Egg

Kcal 595 Fat 46.6g Fat (Sat) 22g Carbs 32g (per 100g)

Easter is not far off now, and if you fancy something of higher quality than what you get in the supermarket, then Hotel Chocolat is the place to go. This year it has brought out several new and interesting eggs to make us fall into temptation. Among them is the Brownie Hard Boiled Egg, which weighs in at 220g and costs £15. This 50% milk chocolate egg contains pecans and the ‘gooey softness’ of a brownie. It is also accompanied by six 50% ‘dense, cocoa rich’ Brownie Truffles.

The presentation cannot be faulted; the egg looks like a trophy is a display cabinet, and the swirly decoration on the shell gives it an attractive glossy appearance. In contrast, the aroma is somewhat lacking. While the egg has mild milky notes, the truffles have hardly any scent at all.

That is all made up for in the eating. The truffles have strong pecan notes and the rich milk and cocoa give it the exact taste of a chocolate brownie. It has a smooth ganache filling with just the odd nibbly bit of pecan nut.

The Egg also pulls off what is the very difficult task of recreating the taste of what is essentially cake in pure chocolate. This is achieved though the combination of caramelised sugar and pecan praline. The richness of the egg makes it taste more like an intensely indulgent dark chocolate, rather than milk, and its smooth yet paste-like texture melts in the mouth.

Hotel Chocolat’s Brownie Hard Boiled Egg is the perfect way to ruin all the hard work of anyone who absconds chocolate over Lent.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 6
Taste: 10
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 10

Overall: 9