Hotel Chocolat Just Milk Easter Egg

Last week we saw an Easter egg for sophisticated children and playful adults, but this week we’re taking a look at Hotel Chocolat’s most classic Easter egg: Just Milk. As before, the hatbox presentation is superb, and this time it fits its adult target audience. When you untie the ribbon and lift the lid, inside you’ll find two extra thick eggshells, one made from 40% milk and the other 50% supermilk. There is also a selection of ‘egglet’ truffles to enjoy.

The thick shells produce that all-important crack as you break it apart. Is there any need to once again go into a description of HC’s sublime classic 40% milk recipe? The 50% supermilk is not quite as creamy, but very rich and has an earthier flavour more akin to dark chocolate.

Out of the egglets, two are fruit based. The Raspberry Supermilk has a zingy ganache that blends raspberry with cream and white chocolate; this is surrounded by a 65% supermilk shell, which has dark fruity tones to contrast with the sharp filling. Just when I thought it could not be topped, along comes another zingy delight in the form of the Blood Orange. Surrounded by a milk shell, the white ganache is super juicy and tastes like orange juice.

Hotel Chocolat also gives us two nut based egglets. First is a traditional hazelnut praline, which has strong nutty flavours, but is also a bit too sweet. This is followed by the Peanut Butter egglet, which was disappointing because the peanut flavour was far too subtle. I also found the thick ganache quite sickly.

The simplest in the collection is made to sound fancy with a French title: Mouse au Chocolat has a dark ganache filling, which is surrounded by a very fruity deep flavoured shell. On the lighter side we have a Vanilla Ganache, decorated to look like a boiled egg with the top chopped off. It has a 40% milk shell and creamy smooth filling.

Out of the two eggs tested this Easter, which you prefer is probably going to depend on whether you’re into light, sweet, and creamy (Your Crack Me Up) or deep and fruity (Just Milk), but whichever you go for, you’re going to enjoy it.

 Presentation: 10
Aroma: 8
Taste: 8
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 10
Overall: 9