Montezuma's Fruit Salad Truffles

I got this bag of Fruit Salad Truffles as a free gift when ordering from Montezuma’s website. Made from white chocolate, the ganache is flavoured with pineapple, while the shell has hints of strawberry and freeze-dried strawberries pieces. While the truffles do look pretty with little pink flecks on the surface, the crumbly coat does make it a bit mess to handle as the strawberry pieces keep falling off.

These strawberry pieces do, however, provide a concentrated sweet strawberry scent, which unfortunately is not reflected in the taste. The subtle hints of strawberry only come through as an overly sweet and artificial aftertaste, while the pineapple seems to have boycotted the chocolate altogether.  

The texture of the truffles is that of a hard shell and a thick ganache that refuses to melt in the mouth. I can see why it was a free gift; Montezuma probably has difficulty selling them.

 Presentation: 8
Aroma: 8
Taste: 5.5
Sustenance: 5
Texture: 4.5
Overall: 6.2