Montezuma's Mountie

Possibly the wrong shape to remind me of the Canadian mountains, the maple syrup ganache does none the less provide a suitable link for the name behind Montezuma’s Mountie truffles. Made from 41% milk, the reasonably thick shell has enough room to fit in titbits of pecan nuts.

The truffles are very nicely wrapped in a clear cellophane bag, but tied so tightly with ribbon that it was impossible to open without a pair of scissors. This of course makes wrapping the leftovers for later problematic unless you have a rubber band handy.

Unceremonious openings aside, once the packaging has been penetrated, there is a distinct lack of aroma, which is always a bit disappointing. Despite this, the truffle was extremely milky, light, and juicy. The maple syrup adds an extra dimension of sweetness, but not a sugary sweetness – oxymoronic as that is. I think the savoury notes of the pecans brought a balance between the two, as well as providing nibbly texture within the smoothness of the chocolate.

Montezuma’s Mounties definitely hit the spot when it comes to satisfying those cravings, and might even help warm you up in those Canadian mountains. Or perhaps not.

 Presentation: 8
Aroma: 5
Taste: 10
Sustenance: 8
Texture: 10
Overall: 8.6