Hotel Chocolat Hot Cross Buns Selector

Aside from chocolate, one of my favourite things to eat around Easter time is a hot cross bun. Hotel Chocolat has of course put the two together for a win-win situation. The spicy fruit bread has been transformed into a ‘smooth praline with tart apple and cinnamon, sealed in 40% milk’.

Although described as containing cinnamon, the most apparent aroma coming from the truffles is warming ginger, and despite an apple-flavoured ganache, the notes I was picking up were distinctly orange. Perhaps my taste buds were having an off day? Whether orange or apple, cinnamon or ginger, the creamy ganache was wonderfully juicy. My only complaint is that there was not more.

The Hot Cross Bun filling is divided between a white ganache and a hazelnut praline, but I found the ratio skewed too far in favour of the praline, and it would have been nice for a more balance 50/50 combination. The praline was rich, but a little too thick; it could have benefitted from being a bit softer.

Overall, apart from its appearance, I was not particularly reminded of a hot cross bun as it was devoid of one of the most essential ingredients: raisins. While not creating that reminiscent experience, Hotel Chocolat’s Hot Cross Buns are none-the-less a tasty and very filling morsel. One was more than enough to satisfy any hunger or cravings.
Presentation: 8
Aroma: 8
Taste: 8
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 7
Overall: 8