Montezuma's Milk Chocolate Giant Buttons

Kcal 583 Fat 40g Fat (Sat) 24g Carbs 49g (per 100g)

Now Easter is over, we’re leaving eggs and bunnies behind in favour of some chocolate buttons. Not any chocolate buttons, but Montezuma’s Smooth Milk Chocolate Giant Buttons. These buttons are available to buy in three different sizes. The smallest (which I am reviewing today) is a 100g bag, but there is also a 180g bag, and if that isn’t enough, you can buy a whopping 900g glass jar of them. While the latter two are only available at Montezuma’s store or online, I spotted the 100g bag at Sainsbury’s, which has been stocking Montezuma products for a little while now. At £2.50, this is slightly cheaper than an equivalent size bar bought directly from Montezuma’s (£2.59).

The bright yellow text and logo stand out on the stylish black bag, which has an inner foil lining to preserve freshness. The buttons themselves are matte in appearance, mainly due to the buttons rubbing up against one another inside. They also are prone to breakage, but this obviously doesn’t affect the taste.

To give these 37% cacao buttons an extra smooth and creamy texture, Montezuma uses almost three times as much cocoa butter as cocoa mass. The chocolate tastes like sweetened milk and is refreshing rather than sickly.

Due to being in small individual pieces, you spend longer enjoying each button, than you would if eating it in bar format. As a result, I felt satiated with half the amount.

Although almost double the price of Dairy Milk Buttons, the quality is far higher, and you feel much more satisfied for having them. The score does, therefore seem a rather harsh, having not made it to an 8, but it was let down by a lack of enticing scents.

Presentation: 7.5
Aroma: 5
Taste: 8.5
Sustenance: 7.5
Texture: 9
Overall: 7.5