KitKat with Extra Milk & Cocoa

Kcal 104 Fat 3.1g Fat (Sat) 2.5g Carbs 13g (per two-finger bar)

There are few adverts that I like; most are, at best, a handy bathroom break in between a television programme. Most adverts also fail to achieve their purpose – I.E. get the viewer to buy the product. But when I saw the ad for a new KitKat bar, it not only soared up into my top favourites adverts list, but also made me go on the hunt to find it.

My first trip to the supermarket came up empty, but the following week, I found out where they were hiding. For some reason two-finger and four-finger KitKats are in completely different isles and as the new KitKat With Extra Milk & Cocoa currently only comes in the two-finger variety, their presence had eluded me.

Now aware of which isle they are in, they are easy to distinguish with the fitting, but perhaps somewhat dull labelling, which is nowhere near as enticing as the advert images. You’ll notice that ‘Original’ is still written on the packaging, despite a recipe change. This is because Nestle intends this to be the ‘new original’. Although the old version is still available, I assume that it is last of stock and will be completely replaced in the future. The new bar is Nestle’s reaction to the government’s ‘less sugar’ campaign, and contains 3g less sugar per 100g.

So exactly how much ‘extra’ are we getting? Well the new KitKat contains 20% more milk and 13% more cocoa – although the wrapper does fail to state how much this actually equates to in terms of cocoa content. It is a significant boost, and one that is detectible before you even unwrap it, as the sweet smell of cocoa permeates through the foil.

When my mum saw the advert, she said to me, ‘I thought the original KitKat was perfectly acceptable.’ Yes, it was, but my response is that KitKat With Extra Milk & Cocoa’ is even more acceptable. It is extremely creamy and melts in the mouth just like the milk chocolate waterfall in the advert suggests. It has an incredibly smooth chocolate coating with a wafer that starts with a crunch and then melts seamlessly into the chocolate.

As these are only two-fingers, I don’t find one bar is enough to satisfy one’s cravings. I guiltily went through three before I felt completely satiated. Four-finger bars will be coming out soon though.

While I know there has been controversy and complaints about Nestle changing the recipe, I for one am very glad to see a reduction in sugar and an increase in quality ingredients. The price of the bar has not changed. The size of the bar has not changed. The taste and texture of the bar has improved. It is a win-win situation.

Presentation: 7.5
Aroma: 7.5
Taste: 9.5
Sustenance: 7
Texture: 10
Overall: 8.3