Lindor Chocolate Orange Bar

Kcal 625 Fat 48g Fat (Sat) 37g Carbs 42g (per 100)

Lindt transformed it’s iconic Lindor truffles into bar form some time ago, and while they do not produce the same hedonistic eye roll of the ganache balls, they have none the less been successful enough to continue making new varieties. Step in Lindor Chocolate Orange 100g bar, which is the alternative form of their orange truffles. The wrapper’s deep orange colour makes it almost irresistible, especially when it contains a picture of molten chocolate dripping down into bar form.

It has a strong orange scent, reminiscent of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, which it replicated in the initial taste. Despite the emphasis on the orange filling, the orange flavour becomes less intense once you reach the centre, and is replaced by sweetness. Although smooth, it is not as creamy as I expected, and it not a true ganache as it does not contain cream like the orange truffles do.

Although it is a nice chocolate bar in its own right, it is very ‘standard’, and not to the level you would expect of Lindt chocolate. I think the more they try to experiment with the original product, the further away from perfection they get. Sometimes companies would do well to listen to the adage., ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 9
Taste: 7
Sustenance: 6
Texture: 8

Overall: 8