Lindt Excellence Raspberry Intense

Kcal 522 Fat 34g Fat (Sat) 18g Carbs 51g

I’m surprised that it took this long for Lindt to pair their 47% dark chocolate with raspberry, but the wait is finally over. As with all the packaging in the Lindt Excellence range, the Raspberry Intense has a stunning design that suggests deep but balance flavours. Dispersed with freeze-dried raspberry pieces, this bar has a lot of zing – so much so that after two bits my eyes actually started to water. Even without the raspberry, the dark chocolate itself is full of fruity tones and provides a silky smooth melt. The raspberry pieces do disrupt the flow ever so slightly, but I’m just being picky. The strength of flavour makes it a highly delightful  treat, and can satisfy cravings with just two square.

Presentation: 10
Aroma: 8.5
Taste: 10
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 8
Overall: 9.1