Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry

Kcal 465 Fat 20g Fat (Sat) 12.5g Carbs 67.5g (per 100g)

Today we are taking a trip across the pond – not to America, but Canada, home of Brookside Foods. The name may not sound instantly familiar, but Brookside is a division of Hershey’s, a brand I’m sure you are all very aware of.

To be honest, I find the packaging a bit lack lustre. With a white and brown colour scheme, there is nothing visually exciting. What attracted me was actually the red price label in Sainsbury’s that said ‘New’ and showed a reduction from £3 to £2.50. I then brought my attention to the 198g pouch, which admittedly is a good design as it can be re-sealed for freshness. You’ll also not ‘New & Exclusive’ written on the pouch itself. In what way it is exclusive, I am not quite sure, because Brookside chocolate is also available at Tesco. The flavours ‘Acai & Blueberry’ is what ultimately enticed me to buy the product, as it is a unique combination not seen in other chocolates on the market.

The chocolate balls themselves are actually a lot more attractive than the pouch they come in, but unfortunately, the glossy surface is achieved by using shellac, which means they are not suitable to vegetarians.

The chocolate balls release an intensely alluring fruity smell, although I would not have been able to tell you it was specifically blueberry or acai. That is probably because these are not the only two fruits use. In fact, they do not even make up the majority. Apple appears to be the main ingredient, while raspberry, cranberry, and lemon are also present.

This combination of fruit concentrates creates a powerful taste explosion in the mouth, which is both unique and highly pleasurable. Sadly, Brookside’s downfall is with the chocolate itself. Although labelled ‘Dark Chocolate’, the ingredients list it as containing milk powder. The chocolate is indistinctive and lack flavour. The surface is waxy, while the filling is chew like a Chewits sweet.

Brookside Acai & Blueberry really is a mixed bag. While the filling has an amazing flavour, it is let down by the poor quality of the chocolate, and as it is the chocolate we are buying it for, it is not something I would get again. Saying that, I bought a pouch with a different flavoured filling at the same time, so look out for another review featuring this brand, and see if it fares any better.

Presentation: 6.5
Aroma: 9
Taste: 7
Sustenance: 7
Texture: 5.5
Overall: 7