Carte D’Or Gelateria Chocolate Inspiration

Kcal 130 Fat 5g Fat (Sat) 4.5g Carbs 17g (per 2 scoops) 

What a scorcher we had last week. From cold showers to fans, I’m sure we were all trying to find different ways to keep cool, but there is no tastier way that with ice cream. That’s why today I am looking at Carte D’Or’s Gelateria Chocolate Inspiration.

Although a UK brand, Wall’s have given their ice cream a French name to make it sound more premium. The literal translation is roughly ‘menu made with gold’, and the gold lettering on the tub takes another step towards implying high quality and luxury. If any further temptation is needed, it is provided with the hedonistic picture of a large scoop of their swirly chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The shape of Carte D’Or’s tubs also score brownie points, as this way it is much easier to determine the size of one scoop or portion.

The coldness of the ice cream creates a stronger chocolate aroma; it makes the 70% Ecuadorian cocoa smell extra fresh. The dark chocolate works perfectly when combined with the soft set vanilla ice cream because the sweetness is balanced. I think for that reason, it also fills you up more quickly and leaves you with less of a craving. Although an oxymoron, it tastes like cold hot chocolate.

Chocolate Inspiration provides a variety of different textures, from the creamy vanilla ice cream to the silky chocolate sauce, and then finished off with crisp chocolate shaved curls. It is just what you need on a hot day when both you and your chocolate bars are melting away.

Presentation: 9
Aroma: 8
Taste: 8
Sustenance: 8
Texture: 8
Overall: 8.2