Kcal 543 Fat 31.7g Fat (Sat)19.1g Carbs 52.6g (per 100g)

Just like KitKat before it, Nestle has also jiggled up the recipe of our much beloved Milkybar. Again, this is part of the initiative to reduce sugar in our diets. Or at least it is the government initiative. Nestle aren’t doing this being they feel some kind of moral obligation, but rather because of new policies coming in, which is forcing the change.

Milkybar promote the fact that ‘Milk is now our No.1 Ingredient’, at 37.5%, and to further imply the fact that they are thinking about our health, they call their 100g bar a ‘Sharing bar’ with five portions. Admirable theory but, in practice it is complete rubbish, as everyone knows this is never going to happen.

The bright primary colours make the bar look fun, carefree, and very child friendly, for although it is enjoyed by thousands of adults across the country, Milkybar’s target audience has always been kids.

The foil lining keeps the chocolate fresh, but it does not hold any alluring scent within.  There is a very mild sweet milky smell, but barely noticeable unless you really shove your nose right up against the chocolate.

Despite the disappointing aroma, the Milkybar taste has been elevated to a whole new level. It is not as sweet as the original, but the flavour of quality cocoa butter is very strong. The  chocolate begins to melt the moment it touches your tongue and lingers on. It is incredibly smooth and creamy.

The only question I can ask it why wasn’t this their original recipe from the beginning? The simply answer being, sugar is cheaper, making the bar cheaper. But with a sugar tax coming into force, that is no longer the case.

Presentation: 8.5
Aroma: 6.5
Taste: 10
Sustenance: 7.5
Texture: 10
Overall: 8.5