Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

Kcal 13.9g Fat 0.2g Fat (Sat) 0.1g Carbs 2.8g (per tsp)

There are some people who you would give their right arm for guilt free chocolate, but before taking such extreme measures, I thought I would share a little something I discovered. Sweet Freedom is a family run company who wanted to change the bad habits of we humans, who put artificial ingredients into our food. Along this journey, they came up with a delicious way to make chocolate sweet but healthy at the same time – and everything is natural.

Today I am taking a look at their classic Choc Shot, which contains fruit extracts (apple and grape), as well as carob, cocoa, water, and rapeseed oil. This combination makes a liquid chocolate that you can squeeze over porridge, pancakes, yoghurt, fruit, and turn into hot chocolate.

The family all take on the personas of woodland creatures, which they feature on their easy squeezy bottles. Making it even ‘sweeter’.

I tried Choc Shot as a hot drink and, for that, it is recommended you use 3-4 tsp per 200ml milk. Making the hot chocolate on the hob was quick and easy; a quick stir and the milk turned a lovely light brown. As I raised the cup to my lips, I could already smell a mild malty cocoa aroma.

As for taste, don’t expect a full-on chocolate experience; it is mild with a subtle sweetness that is both warming and incredibly comforting. The great thing about Choc Shot, however, is, that you can adjust the strength depending on your preference. If you want a stronger coca taste, then simply add more to the milk. Given the significantly lower calorie/fat/sugar content of your standard drinking powder, it is still far healthier than a sugar laden brand.

I then tried drizzling the syrupy chocolate over ice cream. In its undiluted form Choc Shot is beautifully dark and glossy with a silken texture. Unlike the malty flavour of the hot chocolate, this had a rich fruity flavour reminiscent of a high quality dark chocolate bar.

If you are craving chocolate, but trying to kerb your sugar intake, then Sweet Freedom might just be the answer – with no loss of limb required.

Presentation: 8
Aroma: 7.5
Taste: 9
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 10

Overall: 8.7