Aero Heavenly

Kcal 201 Fat 11.7g Fat (Sat) Carbs 19g (per 100g)

It’s not easy going on a ‘no chocolate diet’ when you write for Chocolate Mission, but in an attempt to cut back, I have decided avoid chocolate bars for a little while and take a glance at something else. Don’t worry, it’s still chocolate!

Today I am testing out Aero Heavenly, a new product that I recently saw advertised on television, and sent me searching the supermarket isles. I must admit that the name ‘Heavenly’ makes me think of Philadelphia cream cheese due to those not-so-angelic angels spreading it on their crackers up in heaven. I’m sure I’ll come to associate it with Aero eventually though. The name was, chosen for similar yet contrasting reasons. Philadelphia cream cheese is promoting the fact that it is ‘light’ as in ‘low fat’, meaning your indulgence won’t be sinful enough to stop you going to heaven. Aero Heavenly, on the other hand, is referring to the mousse being as ‘light’ and fluffy as a cloud up in heaven, and that it is so delicious that it tastes like you have gone to heaven (eat too much and you probably will).  

In terms of it being a mousse, it is far from being healthy, but if you compare it to a chocolate bar, it has significantly less sugar and fat. Its volumous (yes, I made that word up) texture also fills you up more quickly. It is therefore a good bridging gap if you are looking to cut down on your chocolate consumption, but not go cold turkey.

Aero Heavenly is described as ‘velvety chocolate’ mousse with ‘swirls of caramel’ and ‘finely chopped hazelnuts’. Its tagline ‘feel the bubbles melt’ evokes the senses before you even open the tub.

The tub is attractive with its mixture of brown and gold colouring, which brings connotations of being both classy and indulgent. There are several font varieties, which could have potentially made the presentation look cluttered, but actually works very well, especially when words like ‘swirls’ is written in a swirly text.

The contents is a little less alluring, or to put it bluntly – it looks like dog’s mess. With the addition of swirly caramel, it actually looks like this particular dog has diarrhoea. To be honest, I do sympathise with the challenge the producers had, as making chocolate mousse look like anything other than dog mess is not an easy task.  

If this does not phase you, then you can go on to enjoy the fresh cocoa aroma coming from the tub. Chilled chocolate always does give off a refreshing scent. You can go on to taste this slightly sweetened cocoa that lingers in the mouth as it slowly dissolves on your tongue. The added hazelnuts provides texture to what would otherwise be a smooth monotone dessert.

At first I could not detect the salted caramel, but the flavours grows over time to create a slightly sweet and salty contrast mingled with nuttiness. While I would not say it was heaven in a tub, Aero Heavenly is certainly a pleasurable tasting experience.

Presentation: 7
Aroma: 7
Taste: 7.5
Sustenance: 7.5
Texture: 7.5
Overall: 7.3