Doisy & Dam Date and Himalayan Pink Salt

Kcal 547 Fat 34g Fat (Sat) 20.6g Carbs 53.1g (per 100g)

Although you might have seen Doisy & Dam around for a little while now, they are a relatively new company in the chocolate world. The business was founded by best friends Edward and Richard. Can you guess what their surnames are? Nope, you’re wrong. It’s Smith and Wilkinson. So why is the chocolate called Doisy & Dam? I have no idea. There is no explanation on the product or their website, but you have to admit it is catchier than Smith & Wilkinson.

Their chocolate bars come in 40g or 80g bars and priced at £1.75 and £2.50 respectively. Given the high price tag, I was expecting something special with this chocolate, especially due to the strong promotion of it being a ‘healthy’ and delicious superfood that aspires to be both economically and environmentally friendly.

The packaging is very bright and colourful, with an art deco style design on the cover and an candy cane pink/yellow inner wrapper.

The chocolate has a light milky scent, but I could not smell any of the ingredients, whether it be the dates, salt, or cacao. The bar was very thin and had a waxy texture. On the initial bite the chocolate pretty tasteless, but you get a sudden hit at the back of the throat when you bite into the chewy fudge-like date pieces. The taste of sweet dates mixing with the salt created a slightly sour flavour, which is quite addictive. The chocolate itself, however, is very bland, and acts more like just a carrier for the other ingredients. The fact the chocolate is disappointing, made me eat more of it, because I was desperately trying to find another dimension to cacao, which sadly never emerged.

The 39% cacao chocolate bar might be organic, sourced from the Dominican Republic, and handmade in Britain, but it did not hold the quality one would associate with these features.

Presentation: 9
Aroma: 6.5
Taste: 7
Sustenance: 6.5
Texture: 6.5
Overall: 7.1